Measure of operational performance before and after implementation of ISO 9000 certification in pump sets manufacturing industries in Coimbatore, India

Lead author: R. Chandrasekaran       Year: 2013      

Publication Abstract

Coimbatore is one of the few centres in the country to manufacture pumpsets and had almost 70% share. However, it declined gradually and was 55% now. The manufacturers are forced to adopt innovative working methods, to invest on various technologies and on quality improvement programme. ISO 9000 is a management tool and a source of competitive advantage, which has a potential to stimulate the company to move towards quality competent. This paper describes the findings from a survey conducted on a sample of Coimbatore pumpsets manufacturing companies that have been ISO 9000:2000 certified.

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  • Publication type:

    • Journal article
  • Other authors:

    • R. Chandrasekaran
    • S. Karthikeyaan
  • Countries:

    • India