The impact of ISO 9001 certification process on Slovenian companies

Lead author: Marjan Pivka       Year: 2002      

Publication Abstract

This study aims (i) to investigate the correlation between ISO 9000 quality management system and business success based on data from certified Slovenian companies, (ii) to find out the factors for measuring efficiency of ISO 9000, and (iii) to give suggestions to all involved in the certification process. A questionnaire survey was conducted among all ISO certified companies in Slovenia (more than 600 per September 2000) in order to collect primary data. The basic conclusions, proved by statistical analysis are: (i) the influence of ISO 9000 on business success can not be explained by known benefits as for instance: better management control, improved awareness of procedural problems, improved customer service etc., and (ii) ISO 9000 will influence business success (will be efficient) when it is integrated by the company with general organization, resources management, productivity, profit and innovations, as these factors explain best the influence of ISO 9000 on business efficiency.

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  • Publication type:

    • Journal article
  • Other authors:

    • Marjan Pivka
    • Dusko Ursic
  • Countries:

    • Slovenia