A longitudinal study of innovation competence and quality management on firm performance

Lead author: Chun-Hsien Wang       Year: 2014      

Publication Abstract

This study explores the relationship between innovation competences and quality management initiatives and considers how quality management initiatives infl uence both innovation competence and firm performance. A longitudinal survey of 607 high-technology firms indicates innovation competence is an important driver of firm performance, a key element of quality management initiatives. The effectiveness of innovation competence is contingent on quality management initiatives. Building on the existing literature, this study employs the resource-based view of firms and applies institutional theory as a theoretical framework for empirical analysis. The results show that an inverted U-shaped relationship exists between innovation competence and quality management in high-technology industries. We argue that the extent to which research and development (R&D) activity is associated with performance improvements depends on the extent to which a firm exceeds the minimum requirements for ISO 9000 quality certifi cation. These findings help explain some inconsistent results in prior studies on innovation and quality management.

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    • Journal article
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    • Chun-Hsien Wang
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    • Taiwan