ISO 14001 and reduction of toxic emissions

Lead author: Michal Szymanski       Year: 2004      

Publication Abstract

ISO 14001 is an international standard for Environmental Management Systems, adopted by over 36,000 organizations worldwide. This paper attempts to determine the length of time after which a given company has implemented ISO 14001 experiences emission reduction. The sample used is a group of 264 manufacturing facilities in the USA, which represent 23 percent of all the ISO 14001 certified organizations in the US, analyzed throughout the period from 1996 to 2001. The results show that 75 percent of the companies experienced a reduction in their emissions, among which 53 percent had already done so just one year after obtaining ISO 14001.

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  • Publication type:

    • Journal article
  • Other authors:

    • Michal Szymanski
    • Piyush Tawari
  • Countries:

    • United States