Social initiatives using ISO 26000

Lead author: Lucas Veiga Ávila       Year: 2014      

Publication Abstract

This article examines data generated by a study conducted by the International Organization of Standards (ISO) regarding the nature of social responsibility initiatives that have been undertaken by organizations using ISO standard 26000/2010, Social Responsibility, as guidance. Here, we provide a descriptive analysis of the results of a survey of 70 organizations regarding their social responsibility initiatives. The study results indicate that the organizations that participated in the survey are widely committed to social responsibility, especially in regard to initiatives involving labor practices and the environment.

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  • Publication type:

    • Journal article
  • Other authors:

    • Lucas Veiga Ávila
    • Celina Hoffmann
    • Angela Cristina Corrêa
    • Lúcia Rejane da Rosa
    • Gama Madruga
    • Vitor Francisco
    • Schuch Júnior
    • Afonso Farias de Sousa Júnior
    • Roselaine Ruviaro Zanini