ISO Methodology Case Study: Electrical Devices Joint Stock Company No. 1 (VINAKIP), Vietnam

Lead author: ISO       Year: 2011       Methodology: Case study

Publication Abstract

An activity of the ASEAN common market is to provide common technical specifications for production and services based on regionally harmonized standards as well as international standards. Electric and electronic products are among the first in this harmonization and in Vietnam the electrical equipment manufacturing industry is growing quickly, with a high development potential. For this reason, the Vietnam Standards and Quality Institute (VSQ), operating under the authority of the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality (STAMEQ), has selected the ''Electrical Device Joint Stock Company No. 1 (VINAKIP)'', a subsidiary of the Vietnam Electrical Equipment Corporation, as the subject for this study. VINAKIP has over 500 employees, 17 branch offices and 19 distributors. The study focuses on Inbound logistics and Production and also addresses Procurement, Research and development, as well as Marketing and sales. While lack of data does not allow to quantify all the benefits derived from standards, standardized specifications for specific components, are clearly contributing to increasing the efficiency of production by reducing the types of non-standardized products. The consistent application of ISO 9000 facilitates the transfer of information, and production staff training is more effective owing to the use of standardized specifications for products and services. The use of management system standards for logistics activities increases efficiency, brings savings in time and labour and improves customer satisfaction and confidence. Results of the study indicate that standards contribute to over 20 % of the company EBIT, corresponding to about 4% of the overall sales revenue.

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