On the Effects of IS Company Standards on Business Process Performance

Lead author: Robert van Wessel       Year: 2005       Methodology: Case study

Publication Abstract

In this study a research model is designed that describes the effects on business performance of IS company standards facilitating processes. This model is based on a pilot case study and the small number of literature available on company standards. Subsequently, the descriptive model is used in two in-depth case studies at a large financial services corporation. The first one concerns the effects of introducing an IS product standard in a business unit and the other considers the usage of process standards in a software development department. Effects of these standards are identified, also in relation to flexibility. To conclude, implications for future research are presented.

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  • Publication type:

    • Conference materials
  • Other authors:

    • Robert van Wessel
    • Pieter Ribbers
    • Henk de Vries