Cooperation Platform for Research & Standards Open Meeting Report

Lead author: Cooperation Platform for Research & Standards       Year: 2007      

Publication Abstract

In order to discuss its findings and deliverables with its main groups of stakeholders, towards the end of its lifespan, the Cooperation Platform for Research and Standards organized a conference on research and standardization towards FP7. The conference, for which more than 200 participants registered and featured speakers as well as delegates from all constituencies (e.g. the research and standards communities, larger companies and SMEs, and the European Commission), was held 17 January 2007 at the Bedford Hotel in Brussels. The 12 invited speakers addressed a variety of issues that have to be taken into account in considering the relationship between research and standards. These include the importance of standardization in bringing research results to the market, the barriers research projects encounter when trying to interface with standards bodies, the importance of timing in research/standards interfacing processes, the marking challenge ahead of standards organizations, and the need for continued support in the FP7 programme to further improve the cooperation between projects and standards bodies.

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