ISO Methodology Case Study: Petra Engineering Industries Co., Jordan

Lead author: ISO       Year: 2012       Methodology: Case study

Publication Abstract

The company chosen by the Mauritius Standards Bureau for this study, ''PPP PSL'', manufactures plastic pipes and fittings made of PVC-U as well as polypropylene pipes for electrical conduit applications. Among one of the first companies in Mauritius to be certified to ISO 9001, PPP PSL manufactures all its products according to International or European standards and participates in national standardization work related to plastic pipes and products. The study focuses on the core activities of the company including those areas where standards have the highest impact: Procurement, Inbound logistics, Production/operations and Outbound logistics. Benefits identified include: the positive effect of product certification in terms of reputation in the market and lower transaction costs; indirect benefits from the dissemination of knowledge about standards among industry and society through training and education on piping systems and the relevant standards; and improved environmental performance by manufacturing structured wall pipes according to a standard whereby less raw material is used and less waste is produced. It is estimated that standards contribute to the company EBIT in a measure corresponding to 9.2% of the annual average sales revenue. This result combines the benefits of standards for PPP PSL's "regular" product lines and for a new product manufactured according to a standard that defines a special resource-saving use of materials, which gives the company a leading, and currently unique, position on the Mauritian market.

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