The Role of Standards for Trade in Services: First Insights

Lead author: Knut Blind       Year: 2006      

Publication Abstract

Cross-border trade of Services has attracted the attention of industry, policymakers and academia. Whereas the trade of goods has been well analysed both from the theoretical and empirical perspective, investigations into the trade of Services are only beginning. In particular, the complex influence of Standards as inhibitors, but also as obstacles for trade in Services has not yet been analysed. First, focus is placed on some theoretical considerations of the role of Standards for trade in Services derived from reflections on physical goods. Second, some evidence is given of the use of different types of Service Standards using a European company as a sample. This allows to derive first insights as to which Standards are especially important for trade in Services. The paper closes with an agenda of future research.

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    • Conference materials
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    • Knut Blind