Economic Benefits of Standardization

Lead author: DIN German Institute for Standardization       Year: 2000       Methodology: Econometric analysis

Publication Abstract

In recent years, technical standardization has been the subject of numerous academicresearch projects. Although these projects did not ignore economic aspects,they lacked the theoretical background necessary for a detailed analysis. Industryhas become increasingly interested in assessing its economic efficiency, and thus ismore interested in the role of standardization.Systematic and reliable results can only be attained on a common basis. Becausethere is greater pressure on industry to rationalize, the costs and benefits of standardizationmust be examined from both a microeconomic and a macroeconomicviewpoint. The Presidial Board of DIN therefore asked research institutes to initiateresearch into the economic efficiency of standardization, with the aim of making thecosts and benefits of standardization transparent from both economic perspectives.

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