Standardization and standards as research and innovation indicators: current opportunities and future challenges

Lead author: Knut Blind       Year: 2016      

Publication Abstract

The focus of innovation policies has been shifted from knowledge creation, e.g. by patent
protection, to knowledge diffusion, e.g. via open access, in order to promote its
implementation. Consequently, innovation indicators are increasingly needed, which reflect
the implementation of knowledge within innovative products and services. Standardization as
a kind of open innovation process and standards as its output represent a new type of
innovation indicator. Whereas in a first section the existing opportunities of using standards
and standardization as innovation indicators are presented, the following section identifies the
future challenges to close the– in comparison to patent data – still very significant data gaps.
The paper concludes with examples how policy makers could make use of a comprehensive
database of standardization and standards to evaluate innovation policy initiatives. 

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