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Effect of oil palm sustainability certification on deforestation and fire in Indonesia

2018 | Kimberly Carlson

Many major corporations and countries have made commitments to purchase or produce only "sustainable" palm oil, a commodity responsible for substantial tropical forest loss. Sustainability certification is the tool most used to fulfil these procurement policies, and around 20% of global palm oil pro...

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Adopting corporate environmental management systems: motivations and results of ISO 14001 and EMAS certification

2002 | David Morrow

Multinational and domestic corporations around the world are adopting environmental management systems (EMS) and certifying them by international standards. ISO 14001 is becoming the dominant international standard for assessing environmental management processes and in Europe many firms are also re...

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Adoption and Outcomes of ISO 14001: a systematic review

2018 | Olivier Boiral

The objective of this paper is to analyze the adoption and outcomes of the ISO 14001 standard through a systematic review of the main studies on this issue published in peer‐reviewed journals between 1996 and 2015. The 94 papers analyzed make it possible to paint a comprehensive picture of the effec...

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Assessing the environmental impact of palm oil produced in Thailand

2015 | Kanokwan Saswattecha

There are several concerns related to the increasing production of palm oil in Southeast Asia, including pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and land conversion. The RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certification standard provides an incentive for reducing environmental impacts of palm oil ...

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Can forest certification improve forest management? Case study of the FSC certified Estonian State Forest Management Centre

2007 | H Hain

This paper analyses environmental, social and economic impacts of FSC certification in Estonian state forests. The rapid expansion in forest certification is causing the need to evaluate actual costs and benefits of certification at the organizational and macroeconomic levels. The authors have used ...

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Has forest certification reduced forest degradation in Sweden?

2018 | Laura Villalobos

This paper estimates the effects of certification of nonindustrial private forest owners on forest degradation in Sweden-one of the countries with the largest total area of certified forests. We rely on official forest inventory data, information on certification status, and impact evaluation method...

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The impact of environmental management systems (EMSs) and ISO 14001 standards on corporate performance: a systematic literature review

2017 | Dajana Grandic

This paper is based on the systematic literature review method and investigates the impacts of the EMS and ISO 14001 Standards towards corporate performance. Two units are considered through the methodology of research; firm size and market orientation. The evidence comes from the analysed dataset o...

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Assessment of MSC-certified fish stocks in the Northeast Atlantic

2016 | Silvia Opitz

This study examines the status and exploitation level of 31 northern European stocks targeted by fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as being sustainable and well managed. In the first year of certification, 11 stocks (52% of stocks with available data) were exploited above t...

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A comparison of biodiversity values in boreal forest regeneration areas before and after forest certification

2008 | Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson

In this study, 236 regeneration areas (mostly clear-cuts) in southern Norway were selected by random stratified selection: 118 of the study units were cut before and 118 after the introduction of forest certification in 1998. The degree of compliance with biodiversity measures established in the pre...

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Regulatory impact of environmental standards on the eco-efficiency of firms

2015 | Christoph Bremberger

In this paper, we propose an approach to implement environmental standards into Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and in this way to measure their regulatory impact on eco-efficiency of firms. One standard feature of basic DEA models lies in the exogeneity of inputs, desirable and undesirable outputs....

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An exploratory, post harvest comparison of ecological and economic characteristics of Forest Stewardship Council Certified and Uncertified Northern Hardwood stands

2008 | Bryan Foster

As more forest entities worldwide consider pursuing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, a critical question remains on whether stand-level management impacts differ between certified and uncertified forests. To begin to answer this question, we measured forest structure on three FSC-cert...

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Evaluating seafood eco-labeling as a mechanism to reduce collateral impacts of fisheries in an ecosystem-based fisheries management context

2016 | Rebecca Selden

By considering not only target species catch but also bycatch of non-target species and habitat damage, ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM) has the potential to minimize the environmental impact of fisheries. Defining and benchmarking EBFM strategies for these incidental environmental impact...

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Certification schemes and the impacts on forests and forestry

2008 | Graeme Auld

Certification schemes have emerged in recent years to become a significant and innovative venue for standard setting and governance in the environmental realm. This review examines these schemes in the forest sector where, arguably, their development is among the most advanced of the sustainability ...

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The impact of a shade coffee certification program on forest conservation using remote sensing and household data

2014 | Ryo Takahashi

In recent years, shade coffee certification programs have attracted increasing attention from forest conservation and development organizations. The certification programs could be expected to promote forest conservation by providing a premium price to shade coffee producers. However, little is know...

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Social and environmental impacts of forest management certification in Indonesia

2015 | Daniela Miteva

In response to unsustainable timber production in tropical forest concessions, voluntary forest management certification programs such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) have been introduced to improve environmental, social, and economic performance over existing management practices. However, ...

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Voluntary sustainability standards could significantly reduce detrimental impacts of global agriculture

2018 | William Smith

Voluntary sustainability standards (VSS) are stakeholder-derived principles with measurable and enforceable criteria to promote sustainable production outcomes. While institutional commitments to use VSS to meet sustainable procurement policies have grown rapidly over the past decade, we still have ...

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Voluntary regulations and innovation: the case of ISO 14001

2014 | Sijeong Lim

Governments enact environmental regulations to compel firms to internalize pollution externalities. Critics contend that regulations encourage technological lock‐ins and stifle innovation. Challenging this view, the Porter‐Linde hypothesis suggests that appropriately designed regulations can spur in...

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ISO 14001 certification and environmental performance in Quebec’s pulp and paper industry

2007 | Philippe Barla

This paper tests whether adopting the international norm ISO 14001 significantly impacts environmental performance in Quebec's pulp and paper industry. Using monthly data collected from 37 plants between 1997 and 2003, we show that: (i) ISO certification does not lead to a reduction in total suspend...

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What is in a label? Rainforest-Alliance certified banana production versus non-certified conventional banana production

2016 | Angelina Bellamy

Export banana production in Latin America is pesticide intensive, receiving much negative publicity regarding human health problems and environmental degradation. The Rainforest Alliance (RA) certification scheme was established to certify farms that met a number of social, occupation health and env...

Journal article
Environmental Management Systems and Company Performance: Assessing the case for extending risk-based regulations

2003 | Kristina Dahlström

Across Europe, there is considerable interest in establishing stronger links between environmental regulation and standards for environmental management systems (EMSs) such as ISO 14001. If it can be demonstrated that possession of an EMS results in improved environmental or regulatory performance, ...