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Institutional publication
Labels, Food Safety and International Trade

2017 | Norbert Wilson

This paper reviews existing research on labels and food safety standards (both private and public) and their effects on food and agricultural trade. It argues that perceptions and empirical evidence around the impacts of standards have shifted from principally negative to more mixed results. Accordi...

Institutional publication
Impact of Food Safety Standards on Processed Food Exports from Developing Countries

2009 | Juthathip Jongwanich

This paper analyses the impacts of food safety standards on processed food exports in developing countries using a cross-sectional econometric analysis. The empirical analysis shows that strict food safety standards in importing developed countries tend to be trade reducing for developing countries ...

Member publication
When One Size Does Not Protect All: Understanding Why Gender Matters for Standardization

2020 | Michelle Parkouda

This study looks at the relationship between participation in standardization and accidental deaths, at the national level. The key finding is that while more participation in standardization is associated with fewer accidental deaths of men, it doesn't seem to be related to accidental deaths of wom...

Journal article
The Role of Public and Private Standards in Regulating International Food Markets

2007 | Spencer Henson

While much of the focus of the economics literature has been on the role of public food safety and quality standards both as policy instruments and as non-tariff barriers to trade, it is evident that private standards are playing an increasing role in the governance of agricultural and food suppl...

Book chapter
EHS concept and interrelation

2017 | Jianming Yang

HSE expands as health, safety, and environment. This management system, also known as EHS (hereinafter referred to as EHS), is introduced by European and American companies. Compared to ISO9000 quality management system and ISO14000 environment management system, EHS has safety included. Safety, env...

ISO methodology
ISO Methodology Case Study: DanPer Trujillo and Civil Association FríoAéreo, Peru

2011 | ISO

Peru is among the leading exporters of asparagus. Considering the Peruvian asparagus value chain, the National Institute for the Protection of Competition and Intellectual Property (INDECOPI), together with the Peruvian Standardization and Non-tarriff Barriers Surveillance Commision, decided to anal...