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Institutional publication
Labels, Food Safety and International Trade

2017 | Norbert Wilson

This paper reviews existing research on labels and food safety standards (both private and public) and their effects on food and agricultural trade. It argues that perceptions and empirical evidence around the impacts of standards have shifted from principally negative to more mixed results. Accordi...

Journal article
Standardization and the Costs of Assessing Quality

1996 | Philip Jones

This paper analyses the impact of standardization on the welfare of consumers who rely on signals as indicators of product quality. A variance reduction approach is developed in order to analyse the optimal use of signals in the evaluation of product quality. It is argued that standardization reduce...

Journal article
Innovation and attention to detail in the quality improvement paradigm

2004 | Eitan Naveh

This study asserted that quality improvement (QI) requires the coexistence of two cultural values of innovation and attention to detail and proposed that their coexistence depends on the implementation of multiple QI practices. A longitudinal QI intervention, with five phases, consisting of multiple...

Journal article
Effects of ISO 9001 certification and KAAE on performance of Jordanian Firms

2012 | Abbas Al-Refaie

This research investigates the effects of ISO 9001 certification and King Abdullah II Award for Excellence (KAAE) on Jordanian firm‟s performance. Four scale measures of firm‟s performance were considered, including quality outcomes, customer satisfaction, business performance, and innovation. ISO 9...

Journal article
From quality to innovation: evidence from two french employer surveys

2009 | Sanja Pekovic

In this article we investigate the impact of quality systems on innovation performance using the method of propensity matching. We use two French microeconomic surveys, the “Organizational Changes and Computerization” (COI 1997) and the “Community Innovation Survey” (CIS3 1998–2000). The first hypot...

ISO methodology
ISO Methodology Case Study: DanPer Trujillo and Civil Association FríoAéreo, Peru

2011 | ISO

Peru is among the leading exporters of asparagus. Considering the Peruvian asparagus value chain, the National Institute for the Protection of Competition and Intellectual Property (INDECOPI), together with the Peruvian Standardization and Non-tarriff Barriers Surveillance Commision, decided to anal...