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Journal article
"Rising powers" and Labour and Environmental Standards

2014 | Khalid Nadvi

There is a growing recognition that the “Rising Powers”, namely the emerging economies, in particular, but not only, China, India and Brazil, whose economic dynamism has begun to transform the contours of the global economy, will bring about radical shifts in global governance. A critical question t...

Institutional publication
What are the Right Institutions in a Globalizing World? And…. Can We Keep Them If We've Found Them?

2004 | World Bank

Greater trade integration has often been viewed as requiring greater standardization in institutions, without which the benefits of trade do not materialize. There are many current debates concerning the degree and area of standardization needed and these debates are likely to continue for the fores...

Institutional publication
Use of ISO 9000 in Governance

2005 | UNIDO

This document, prepared by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), proposes the introduction and application of International Standards on Quality management systems: ISO 9000 / 9001 and 9004 within public governance....

Book chapter
Global trade governance and informal voluntary standards: the socio-normative analysis of legitimacy of the ISO

2016 | Anna Aseeva

This chapter mainly focuses on the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standards. Companies generally voluntarily adopt those in order to carry a "social" license to operate, as today it is the way to underline their good governance credentials. In transboundary trade t...