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Quality systems and competitive performance of food companies

2013 | Dimitrios Kafetzopoulos

Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to explore the impact of the effective implementation of both ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 systems on the competitive performance of certified food manufacturing companies. Design/methodology/approach - A survey instrument was used for quantitative data collection. ...

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ISO 9000 performance in Japanese Industries

2010 | Rita Arauz

This research analyses the factors that determine the performance of ISO 9000 standards in Japanese industries. A questionnaire survey was conducted to collect data from ISO 9000 certified companies nationwide. Our research hypothesis is that the performance of ISO 9000 depends upon the aspects that...

Journal article
The role of standards in Innovation

2000 | Robert Allen

We review and explore the role of standards in innovation, with particular emphasis on the design and manufacturing processes. We begin by defining and classifying standards and by exploring their role and infrastructure in society. This is followed by a similar discussion for innovation. By examini...

Journal article
The impact of ISO 9001 certification process on Slovenian companies

2002 | Marjan Pivka

This study aims (i) to investigate the correlation between ISO 9000 quality management system and business success based on data from certified Slovenian companies, (ii) to find out the factors for measuring efficiency of ISO 9000, and (iii) to give suggestions to all involved in the certification p...

Institutional publication
Relationship Between ISO 9001 and Financial Performance: a Meta-analysis

2013 | Basak Manders

The ISO 9001 standard for quality management has been implemented by more than 1,000,000 organizations worldwide. It has received a high degree of attention in existing literature. However, findings about the impact of ISO 9001 certification on financial performance are not consistent in the literat...

International Standardization as a Strategic Tool

2006 | IEC

This IEC book is a compilation of commended papers from the IEC Centenary Challenge, a competition for papers on the economic, business and social impact of International Standards on business. The competition was organized in association with The Economist magazine and in partnership with three lea...

Conference materials
On the Effects of IS Company Standards on Business Process Performance

2005 | Robert van Wessel

In this study a research model is designed that describes the effects on business performance of IS company standards facilitating processes. This model is based on a pilot case study and the small number of literature available on company standards. Subsequently, the descriptive model is used in tw...

ISO methodology
ISO Methodology Case Study: Electrical Devices Joint Stock Company No. 1 (VINAKIP), Vietnam

2011 | ISO

An activity of the ASEAN common market is to provide common technical specifications for production and services based on regionally harmonized standards as well as international standards. Electric and electronic products are among the first in this harmonization and in Vietnam the electrical equip...

ISO methodology
ISO Methodology Case Study: Festo Brasil, Brazil

2011 | ISO

The company selected by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) for this study, ''Festo Brasil'', is a subsidiary of Festo AG, a leading German worldwide supplier of automation technology and solutions. Several initiatives potentially contribute to the growth of the automation indust...

Journal article
Comparison between manufacturing companies that are ISO certified and those that are not certified using performance measurement model

2011 | Shwu-Ing Wu 

Certification from the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) has recently become the fundamental requirement of businesses seeking to ensure continuous quality improvement. However, further evaluation is needed to ascertain whether those ISO certified enterprises could enhance their ov...

Journal article
A longitudinal study of innovation competence and quality management on firm performance

2014 | Chun-Hsien Wang

This study explores the relationship between innovation competences and quality management initiatives and considers how quality management initiatives infl uence both innovation competence and firm performance. A longitudinal survey of 607 high-technology firms indicates innovation competence is...

ISO methodology
ISO Methodology Case Study: Holcim Lebanon S.A.L., Lebanon

2012 | ISO

For the conduct of this study, the Lebanese Standards Institution (LIBNOR) selected ''Holcim Lebanon (HL)'', a subsidiary of Switzerland-based HOLCIM Ltd, one of the world's leading suppliers of cement and aggregates (crushed stone, sand and gravel). HL has an estimated 45% share of the Lebanese cem...

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Implementation and Impact of ISO 9001

2015 | Basak Manders

The ISO 9001 quality management standard has been implemented by more than one million organizations in 187 countries since its introduction in 1987. A newer version of ISO 9001 is planned to be introduced in 2015. Even though it is widely used by organizations to gain both operational and market be...

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Are innovative organizational concepts enough for fostering innovation

2012 | Jasna Prester

The purpose of this article is to define which organizational practices have significant impact on returns from new products or which foster or at least influence positively innovation. Survey responders were divided to see whether they innovated or not by the survey questions which explicitly asked...

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The impact of environmental management systems (EMSs) and ISO 14001 standards on corporate performance: a systematic literature review

2017 | Dajana Grandic

This paper is based on the systematic literature review method and investigates the impacts of the EMS and ISO 14001 Standards towards corporate performance. Two units are considered through the methodology of research; firm size and market orientation. The evidence comes from the analysed dataset o...

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Drivers of productivity in Vietnamese SMEs: the role of management standards and innovation

2019 | Elisa Calza

Using a rich panel dataset of small and medium scale manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) active in the manufacturing sector in Viet Nam, this paper investigates the drivers of firm productivity, focusing on the role played by international management standards certification. We test the hypothesis that...

Journal article
Examining relationships between quality management and organisational performance in transitional economies

2014 | Milan Delic

The objective of this study was to determine the relationships between quality management dimensions and organisational performance in uncertain markets (transition conditions). The study was carried out in Serbia, using a sample of 160 certified organisations. The study was based on subjective esti...

Journal article
Effects of ISO 9001 certification and KAAE on performance of Jordanian Firms

2012 | Abbas Al-Refaie

This research investigates the effects of ISO 9001 certification and King Abdullah II Award for Excellence (KAAE) on Jordanian firm‟s performance. Four scale measures of firm‟s performance were considered, including quality outcomes, customer satisfaction, business performance, and innovation. ISO 9...

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A study of the impact of environmental management systems (EMS) certification towards firms' performance in Malaysia

2006 | Goh Eng Ann

Purpose - To investigate the impact of EMS certification on the performance of firms, including economic and environmental aspects and perceived customer satisfaction. Design/methodology/approach - The purpose of this study is hypotheses testing in order to explain the variance in the dependent var...

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An exploratory, post harvest comparison of ecological and economic characteristics of Forest Stewardship Council Certified and Uncertified Northern Hardwood stands

2008 | Bryan Foster

As more forest entities worldwide consider pursuing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, a critical question remains on whether stand-level management impacts differ between certified and uncertified forests. To begin to answer this question, we measured forest structure on three FSC-cert...