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Quality systems and competitive performance of food companies

2013 | Dimitrios Kafetzopoulos

Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to explore the impact of the effective implementation of both ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 systems on the competitive performance of certified food manufacturing companies. Design/methodology/approach - A survey instrument was used for quantitative data collection. ...

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ISO 9000 performance in Japanese Industries

2010 | Rita Arauz

This research analyses the factors that determine the performance of ISO 9000 standards in Japanese industries. A questionnaire survey was conducted to collect data from ISO 9000 certified companies nationwide. Our research hypothesis is that the performance of ISO 9000 depends upon the aspects that...

Journal article
The role of standards in Innovation

2000 | Robert Allen

We review and explore the role of standards in innovation, with particular emphasis on the design and manufacturing processes. We begin by defining and classifying standards and by exploring their role and infrastructure in society. This is followed by a similar discussion for innovation. By examini...

Journal article
The impact of ISO 9001 certification process on Slovenian companies

2002 | Marjan Pivka

This study aims (i) to investigate the correlation between ISO 9000 quality management system and business success based on data from certified Slovenian companies, (ii) to find out the factors for measuring efficiency of ISO 9000, and (iii) to give suggestions to all involved in the certification p...

Institutional publication
Relationship Between ISO 9001 and Financial Performance: a Meta-analysis

2013 | Basak Manders

The ISO 9001 standard for quality management has been implemented by more than 1,000,000 organizations worldwide. It has received a high degree of attention in existing literature. However, findings about the impact of ISO 9001 certification on financial performance are not consistent in the literat...

International Standardization as a Strategic Tool

2006 | IEC

This IEC book is a compilation of commended papers from the IEC Centenary Challenge, a competition for papers on the economic, business and social impact of International Standards on business. The competition was organized in association with The Economist magazine and in partnership with three lea...

Conference materials
On the Effects of IS Company Standards on Business Process Performance

2005 | Robert van Wessel

In this study a research model is designed that describes the effects on business performance of IS company standards facilitating processes. This model is based on a pilot case study and the small number of literature available on company standards. Subsequently, the descriptive model is used in tw...

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An exploratory, post harvest comparison of ecological and economic characteristics of Forest Stewardship Council Certified and Uncertified Northern Hardwood stands

2008 | Bryan Foster

As more forest entities worldwide consider pursuing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, a critical question remains on whether stand-level management impacts differ between certified and uncertified forests. To begin to answer this question, we measured forest structure on three FSC-cert...

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Reviewing the impacts of coffee certification programmes on smallholder livelihoods

2017 | Joshua Bray

Certification programmes and voluntary standards for sustainability are now a commonfeature of many agricultural landscapes worldwide. The rapid expansion of such programmes has only recently been accompanied by concerted attempts to assess the lived experience of enrolled producers. This article re...

Journal article
A triple analysis of ISO 9000 effects on company performance

2007 | Micaela Martínez‐Costa

Purpose – ISO 9000 certification has a growing importance for companies, mainly in Europe but also in other countries. Several papers have analysed the effects of ISO 9000 certification on company results, with contradictory conclusions. The purpose of this work is to clarify these possible effects....

Journal article
Impacts of ISO 9000 on business performances: a literature review

2009 | Luca Cagnazzo

Total quality management is from a decade an important and useful organizational system for increasing companies' competitiveness, by optimizing processes with a particular focus on the customer. Among all the methodologies, ISO 9000 certification is one of the most common and recognized approaches ...

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The impact of standards and regulation on innovation in uncertain markets

2017 | Knut Blind

This study analyses the impact of formal standards and regulation on firms’ innovation efficiency, considering different levels of market uncertainty. We argue that formal standards and regulation have different effects, depending on the extent of market uncertainty derived from theoretical consider...

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Factors that determine the extent of business process standardization and the subsequent effect on business performance

2015 | Heidi Romero

Business process standardization is the activity of unifying different variants of a family of business processes. While the positive effects of business process standardization are well-described, it is often undesirable to fully unify different variants due to cultural, legal, or operational reaso...

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A selective review of the economics of standardization - Entry deterrence, tehcnological progress and international competition

1996 | Carmen Matutes

We provide a selective overview of the literature on standardization. We first summarize the essential mechanisms underlying the economics of product compatibility and in so doing we review the various frameworks that have been used. Then we survey existing work about the consequences of compatibili...

ISO methodology
ISO Methodology Case Study: Electrical Devices Joint Stock Company No. 1 (VINAKIP), Vietnam

2011 | ISO

An activity of the ASEAN common market is to provide common technical specifications for production and services based on regionally harmonized standards as well as international standards. Electric and electronic products are among the first in this harmonization and in Vietnam the electrical equip...

ISO methodology
ISO Methodology Case Study: Festo Brasil, Brazil

2011 | ISO

The company selected by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) for this study, ''Festo Brasil'', is a subsidiary of Festo AG, a leading German worldwide supplier of automation technology and solutions. Several initiatives potentially contribute to the growth of the automation indust...

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Comparison between manufacturing companies that are ISO certified and those that are not certified using performance measurement model

2011 | Shwu-Ing Wu 

Certification from the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) has recently become the fundamental requirement of businesses seeking to ensure continuous quality improvement. However, further evaluation is needed to ascertain whether those ISO certified enterprises could enhance their ov...

ISO methodology
ISO Methodology Case Study: Petra Engineering Industries Co., Jordan

2012 | ISO

The company chosen by the Mauritius Standards Bureau for this study, ''PPP PSL'', manufactures plastic pipes and fittings made of PVC-U as well as polypropylene pipes for electrical conduit applications. Among one of the first companies in Mauritius to be certified to ISO 9001, PPP PSL manufactures ...

ISO methodology
ISO Methodology Case Study: PT. Wijaya Karya (WIKA) Beton, Indonesia

2011 | ISO

For this study, the National Standardization of Indonesia (BSN) has chosenn a concrete manufacturing company ''PT WIKA Beton'', one of the largest subsidiaries of PT Wiyaya Karya (WIKA)', Indonesia's leading integrated EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and investment company. In 2008, ...

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ISO 9000 certification and the bottom line: a comparative study of the profitability of Basque region companies

2002 | Iñaki Heras-Saizarbitoria

Registrations to the ISO 9000 standard have grown rapidly in recent years with 343,643 certificates in 150 countries at the start of 2000, a growth of 71,769 on the previous year, of which 23,900 were in Europe. This suggests that there is a wide‐spread belief in the business benefits of ISO 9000...