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Journal article
Corporate Social Responsibility: Three key approaches

2006 | Duane Windsor

Corporate social responsibility remains an embryonic and contestable concept. This paper assesses three key approaches and offers a perspective gauging little prospect of theoretical synthesis. Ethical responsibility theory advocates strong corporate self‐restraint and altruism duties and expansive ...

Journal article
Social initiatives using ISO 26000

2014 | Lucas Veiga Ávila

This article examines data generated by a study conducted by the International Organization of Standards (ISO) regarding the nature of social responsibility initiatives that have been undertaken by organizations using ISO standard 26000/2010, Social Responsibility, as guidance. Here, we provide a de...

Book chapter
Regulating business via multistakeholder initiatives: a preliminary assessment

2002 | Peter Utting

Since the 1980s, there has been a considerable shift in thinking regarding how to improve the social and environmental performance of transnational corporations. An earlier emphasis on governmental regulation ceded ground to “corporate self-regulation” and voluntary initiatives. This voluntary appro...

Journal article
ISO 26000 and the Standardization of Strategic Management Processes for Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

2012 | Rüdiger Hahn

The standard ISO 26000 aims to provide guidance on social responsibility and help all types of organizations contribute to sustainable development. Such guidance is important since there is still no consistent understanding of what corporate sustainability and social responsibility (CSSR) encompass....

Book chapter
Global trade governance and informal voluntary standards: the socio-normative analysis of legitimacy of the ISO

2016 | Anna Aseeva

This chapter mainly focuses on the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standards. Companies generally voluntarily adopt those in order to carry a "social" license to operate, as today it is the way to underline their good governance credentials. In transboundary trade t...