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The roles and impacts of technical standards on economic growth and implications for innovation policy

2017 | Gregory Tassey

Modern technologies are complex systems, which creates demand for an equally complex supporting technical infrastructure that is implemented through a variety of standards affecting all stages of technology-based economic activity. The development, production, and integration of the components of te...

Journal article
Role of formal standards in transition to the technology frontier: Korean ICT systems

2011 | Jae-Yong Choung

According to traditional wisdom, latecomer countries improve their technological capabilities in reverse of the product cycle, that is from mature towards new technologies. However, improvement of standards capabilities in this process has not been revealed clearly. This paper confirms similar patte...

Information Technology Standards and Standardization: A Global Perspective

2000 | Kai Jakobs

In light of the emerging global information infrastructure, information technology standards are becoming increasingly important. At the same time, however, the standards setting process has been criticized as being slow, inefficient and out of touch with market needs. What can be done to resolve th...

Open Systems Standardization: A Business Approach

1996 | Carl Cargill

An articulation of the core theories and practices of standardization leading to the creation of a "discipline of standardization" in the technology industry. Cargill supplies the philosophical underpinnings of standardization and the elements of its implementation, comparing both to organizations o...

Journal article
Standards as a driving force that influences emerging technological trajectories in the converging world of the Internet and things: an investigation of the M2M/IoT patent network

2017 | Dong-hyu Kim

While standards are said to create windows of opportunity in facilitation of technological convergence, it is not clear how they affect technological trajectories and strategic choices of firms in the face of convergence and in the process of catch-up. There is little research on the relationship be...

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International Conference on Standardization and Innovation in Information Technology (SIIT)

2007 | IEEE

Documents and presentations from the SIIT Conferences of 2005 (including a session on "The Economic Value of Standards") and 2007....

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Social Shaping & Standardization: A Case Study from the Auto Industry

2005 | Martina Gerst

Inter-organizational collaboration requires systems interoperability which is not possible in the absence of common standards. However, empirical research has shown that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards can be a major barrier in the progress of Information Technology (IT)-ena...

Conference materials
Cooperation Platform for Research & Standards Open Meeting Report

2007 | Cooperation Platform for Research & Standards

In order to discuss its findings and deliverables with its main groups of stakeholders, towards the end of its lifespan, the Cooperation Platform for Research and Standards organized a conference on research and standardization towards FP7. The conference, for which more than 200 participants regist...

Institutional publication
Standardization - The Secret to IT Leverage

2002 | John Gantz

Enterprise computing will continue its inexorable march toward industry standards, given the inherent price/performance, TCO, availability, and deployment advantages. New research from IDC confirms that this trend is not only a U.S. phenomenon. Results of this research with 340 organizations around ...

The Entrepreneur and Standards

2006 | Ken Krechmer

For society to gain the most advantage from entrepreneurship, the entrepreneur's desire to control their products and markets must be balanced with the socially desirable impact of standards to distribute technology and market control. Groups of technologies sustain new waves of human civilization. ...

Institutional publication
The Economic Impacts of NIST's Data Encryption Standard (DES) Program

2001 | NIST

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The Value of Standards

2003 | Delphi Group

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Journal article
Dynamic or static capabilities? Process management practices and response to technological change

2009 | Mary Benner

Whether and how organizations adapt to changes in their environments has been a prominent theme in organization and strategy research. Within this research, there is controversy about whether organizational routines hamper or facilitate adaptation. Organizational routines give rise to inertia but ar...

Institutional publication
Architecture-Based Approaches to International Standardization and Evolution of Business Models

2006 | Junjiro Shinkatu

Standardization has a great impact on economic growth - it accelerates technology transfer and cost reduction. As technology progresses rapidly, the price of a product also quickly falls. Consequently, the efficiency of society as a whole is improved and the benefit to consumers is increased. This c...

Journal article
The impact of including standards-related documentation in patent prior art: Evidence from an EPO policy change

2020 | Rudi Bekkers

It is crucial that patent offices grant protection only to those inventions that are novel and non-obvious. In 2004, the European Patent Office (EPO) made the unique move to systematically extend its prior art database by including documents shared among members of standard-setting organisations,...

Member publication
Data Protection and Privacy in Smart ICT: Scientific Research and Technical Standardization

2018 | Institut Luxembourgeois de la Agence pour la Normalisation et Normalisation (ILNAS)

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Book chapter
Where patents and standards come together

2017 | Rudi Bekkers

This chapter examines the history and context of standardization and patenting. It begins by looking at how the discussion arose as to the relationship between patents and standards, and how this topic became more prominent on the agenda of companies, standard setting organizations, and regulator...

Member publication
Smart ICT: Gap Analysis Between Scientific Research and Technical Standardization

2019 | Institut Luxembourgeois de la Agence pour la Normalisation et Normalisation (ILNAS)

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Journal article
Multi-mode Standardisation: A Critical Review and a Research Agenda

2017 | Paul Wiegmann

Standardisation is key to shaping new technologies and supporting major ongoing trends, such as the increased importance of platforms, developing ‘smart’ technologies and innovating large-scale complex systems. Standardisation plays a key role in shaping the rules that govern these de...

Institutional publication
Results of Survey on Standardization Activities for 2018 (State of Implementation, Advanced Technologies, and Organizational Design)

2020 | Suguru Tamura

This study discusses the results of a survey conducted in 2018 targeting standardization activities in organizations. The questions covered: (1) the state of the implementation of standardization, (2) interest in the standardization of advanced technologies, (3) knowledge sources for standardizat...