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International Standardization as a Strategic Tool

2006 | IEC

This IEC book is a compilation of commended papers from the IEC Centenary Challenge, a competition for papers on the economic, business and social impact of International Standards on business. The competition was organized in association with The Economist magazine and in partnership with three lea...

Journal article
Fair Trade-Organic coffee cooperatives, migration and secondary schooling in Southern Mexico

2012 | Seth Gitter

This article provides an integrated theoretical and empirical strategy for exploring the impacts of three changes in Mexico (namely changing economic opportunities, migration and conditional cash transfers) on secondary school attainment. Relevant to our review is the discussion of the expansion of...

Journal article
Private sustainability standards and child schooling in the African coffee sector

2020 | Kevin Akoyi

Private sustainability standards are spreading rapidly in global value chains, especially in the coffee sector, and commonly aim at promoting environmental, economic and social sustainability. The social sustainability component is often overlooked in studies on the impact of private standards. In t...

Journal article
The effect of fair trade affiliation on child schooling: evidence from a sample of Chilean honey producers

2013 | Leonardo Becchetti

We evaluate the impact of Fair Trade (FT) affiliation on child schooling within a sample of Chilean honey producers with a retrospective panel data approach. From a theoretical point of view, we argue that FT should have a positive effect on child schooling since it generates a short-run pure income...

Journal article
Reviewing the impacts of coffee certification programmes on smallholder livelihoods

2017 | Joshua Bray

Certification programmes and voluntary standards for sustainability are now a commonfeature of many agricultural landscapes worldwide. The rapid expansion of such programmes has only recently been accompanied by concerted attempts to assess the lived experience of enrolled producers. This article re...