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Effect of oil palm sustainability certification on deforestation and fire in Indonesia

2018 | Kimberly Carlson

Many major corporations and countries have made commitments to purchase or produce only "sustainable" palm oil, a commodity responsible for substantial tropical forest loss. Sustainability certification is the tool most used to fulfil these procurement policies, and around 20% of global palm oil pro...

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Can forest certification improve forest management? Case study of the FSC certified Estonian State Forest Management Centre

2007 | H Hain

This paper analyses environmental, social and economic impacts of FSC certification in Estonian state forests. The rapid expansion in forest certification is causing the need to evaluate actual costs and benefits of certification at the organizational and macroeconomic levels. The authors have used ...

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Has forest certification reduced forest degradation in Sweden?

2018 | Laura Villalobos

This paper estimates the effects of certification of nonindustrial private forest owners on forest degradation in Sweden-one of the countries with the largest total area of certified forests. We rely on official forest inventory data, information on certification status, and impact evaluation method...

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A comparison of biodiversity values in boreal forest regeneration areas before and after forest certification

2008 | Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson

In this study, 236 regeneration areas (mostly clear-cuts) in southern Norway were selected by random stratified selection: 118 of the study units were cut before and 118 after the introduction of forest certification in 1998. The degree of compliance with biodiversity measures established in the pre...

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Environmental certification systems and impacts of their implementation on occupational health and safety in Chilean forest companies

2005 | C. Ackerknecht

Environmental management systems developed by Chilean forest companies in fast-grown plantations and implemented for ISO 14001:1996 certification, best forest management practices certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001:1999), have been analysed t...

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Certification schemes and the impacts on forests and forestry

2008 | Graeme Auld

Certification schemes have emerged in recent years to become a significant and innovative venue for standard setting and governance in the environmental realm. This review examines these schemes in the forest sector where, arguably, their development is among the most advanced of the sustainability ...

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Eco-certification and coffee cultivation enhance tree cover and forest connectivity in the Colombian coffee landscapes

2015 | Ximena Rueda

Eco-certification of agricultural commodities offers an appealing option to promote more sustainable practices among smallholders, increase agricultural value, and lift farmers out of poverty through better market access. This study evaluates whether coffee cultivation is associated with changes in ...

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The impact of a shade coffee certification program on forest conservation using remote sensing and household data

2014 | Ryo Takahashi

In recent years, shade coffee certification programs have attracted increasing attention from forest conservation and development organizations. The certification programs could be expected to promote forest conservation by providing a premium price to shade coffee producers. However, little is know...

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Social impacts of the Forest Stewardship Council certification in the Congo basin

2017 | Paolo Cerutti

We assess whether the implementation of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification scheme in the Congo basin has had positive additional impacts-as compared to existing regulatory frameworks applied in noncertified Forest Management Units (FMU)-on (1) the working and living conditions of log...

Journal article
Social and environmental impacts of forest management certification in Indonesia

2015 | Daniela Miteva

In response to unsustainable timber production in tropical forest concessions, voluntary forest management certification programs such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) have been introduced to improve environmental, social, and economic performance over existing management practices. However, ...

Journal article
Managing for timber and biodiversity in the Congo Basin

2012 | Robert Nasi

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