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Journal article
Paving the path: drivers of standardization participation at ISO

2021 | Knut Blind

Several studies investigating the trade effects of standardization have found a positive impact of the number of international standards in a country on its trade volumes. While international standards have so far been considered as exogenous, we investigate what drives countries to take over lea...

Journal article
Standard essential patents and global ICT value chains with a focus on the catching-up of China

2021 | Maximilian von Laer

Patents, standards and their combination, standard-essential patents (SEPs), are important in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector, in particular in mobile communication. We argue that SEPs are relevant in macroeconomic development and estimate the effect of a country's S...

The Impact of Patents and Standards on Macroeconomic Growth: A Panel Approach Cover in 4 Countries and 12 Sectors

2008 | Knut Blind

Based on the assumption that codified technological know-how contributes to economic growth, this paper presents the estimation of a Cobb-Douglas production function, pooling data from four European countries and 12 sectors. The empirical results confirm that both the stock of patents and the stock ...

Journal article
Patents and the performance of voluntary standard-setting organisations

2008 | Marc Rysman

Voluntary standard-setting organizations (SSOs) are a common feature of systems industries, where firms supply interoperable components for a shared technology platform. These institutions promote coordinated innovation by providing a forum for collective decision making and a potential solution ...

Institutional publication
Standardization and standards as research and innovation indicators: current opportunities and future challenges

2016 | Knut Blind

The focus of innovation policies has been shifted from knowledge creation, e.g. by patent
protection, to knowledge diffusion, e.g. via open access, in order to promote its
implementation. Consequently, innovation indicators are increasingly needed, which reflect
the implementati...

Journal article
The impact of including standards-related documentation in patent prior art: Evidence from an EPO policy change

2020 | Rudi Bekkers

It is crucial that patent offices grant protection only to those inventions that are novel and non-obvious. In 2004, the European Patent Office (EPO) made the unique move to systematically extend its prior art database by including documents shared among members of standard-setting organisations,...

Book chapter
Where patents and standards come together

2017 | Rudi Bekkers

This chapter examines the history and context of standardization and patenting. It begins by looking at how the discussion arose as to the relationship between patents and standards, and how this topic became more prominent on the agenda of companies, standard setting organizations, and regulator...

Journal article
The influence of standards and patents on long-term economic growth

2021 | Knut Blind

Formal standards codify knowledge. Next to patents representing the generation of innovative knowledge, standards can hence be used to proxy the diffusion of innovative knowledge in macroeconomic growth models. Previous work mainly investigates the positive impact of in particular patents, but al...

Journal article
Development of 5G - Identifying organizations active in publishing, patenting, and standardization

2022 | Magnus Buggenhagen

Publications, patents, standard-essential patents (SEPs), and standard contributions are important indicators for the drivers in the technology development of 5G. However, current 5G technology reports predominately draw on patent data to identify technology developing organizations, ignoring the...