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The influence of standards on the Nordic economies

2018 | Menon Economics

This study gives a broad perspective on the impact of standardization in the Nordic Economies (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. It finds, via a macroeconomic study, that standardization has contributed to increased labor productivity and GDP growth in all of the Nordic countries. It als...

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Results of the Survey on Standardization Activity (2019): Situation of Standardization Activities in Business Entities and Other Institutions

2021 | Suguru Tamura

This study considers the standardization activities of business entities and other institutions in Japan for 2019. Through a survey, it examines their standardization activities while focusing on organizational characteristics and factors influencing knowledge creation. The survey covers (1) whet...

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Economic Benefits of Standardization

2000 | DIN German Institute for Standardization

In recent years, technical standardization has been the subject of numerous academicresearch projects. Although these projects did not ignore economic aspects,they lacked the theoretical background necessary for a detailed analysis. Industryhas become increasingly interested in assessing its econ...

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Standards and the Economy

2006 | Centre for International Economics

This report provides an analysis, and where possible quantification, of the impact of standards on the Australian economy.


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The Economic Contribution of Standards to the UK Economy

2015 | Centre for Economics and Business Research Limited

This report provides a comprehensive examination of how standards – in their important role as diffusers of technology and promoters of efficiency in businesses – have impacted UK economic growth. The report and underlying study were commissioned by the British Standards Institution (...

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Results of Survey on Standardization Activities for 2018 (State of Implementation, Advanced Technologies, and Organizational Design)

2020 | Suguru Tamura

This study discusses the results of a survey conducted in 2018 targeting standardization activities in organizations. The questions covered: (1) the state of the implementation of standardization, (2) interest in the standardization of advanced technologies, (3) knowledge sources for standardizat...

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Results of a survey on standardization activities: Japanese institutions' standardization activities in 2017 (Implementation, knowledge source, organizational structure, and interest in artificial intelligence)

2019 | Suguru Tamura

This study discusses the results of a survey on standardization activities to provide valuable information on this topic. Currently, standardization is similar to platform formation in that it serves as a firm’s central theme for creating a strategy. Furthermore, the management structure of...

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Status of standardization activities (survey on standardization activities 2020): overview of results by industry and R&D expenditures

2022 | Suguru Tamura

This article presents the results of a survey of the standardization activities of companies and others in 2020. This survey focuses on the standardization activities of companies, the factors affecting their technical characteristics, and the need for standardization. In other words, this survey...

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Development of 5G - Identifying organizations active in publishing, patenting, and standardization

2022 | Magnus Buggenhagen

Publications, patents, standard-essential patents (SEPs), and standard contributions are important indicators for the drivers in the technology development of 5G. However, current 5G technology reports predominately draw on patent data to identify technology developing organizations, ignoring the...