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Trade barriers or trade facilitators? The heterogeneous impact of food standards in international trade

2019 | Hege Medin

This study presents a theoretical foundation to support the "dual face of standards", a term referencing the heterogeneous impact of standards on international trade. It also provides new empirical data on the impact of food standardization for Norwegian seafood export, with as main result that whi...

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Help or hindrance? The impact of harmonized standards on african exports

2009 | Witold Czubala

This study looks at the impacts of EU standards on African Exports of textiles, clothing and footwear, focusing on voluntary technical regulations. The key issue the authors are trying to address is how to limit the costs and negative spillovers that product standards can bring. They contend that...

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Is eco-certification a win-win for developing country agriculture? Organic coffee certification in colombia

2016 | Marcela Ibanez

According to advocates, eco-certification is a win–win solution to the problem of environmental degradation caused bydeveloping country agriculture, improving both the environmental and the economic performance of farmers. However, these notionalbenefits can be undercut by the tendency of relatively w...

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The Economic Impact of Standards in Belgium

2020 | Caroline Buts

While several past studies have measured the impact of standards on indicators such as output and productivity for a variety of countries, a quantitative analysis that focuses on Belgium has not been performed yet. Based on a dataset containing sector level data spanning 25 years (1994-2018), the...

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The influence of standards and patents on long-term economic growth

2021 | Knut Blind

Formal standards codify knowledge. Next to patents representing the generation of innovative knowledge, standards can hence be used to proxy the diffusion of innovative knowledge in macroeconomic growth models. Previous work mainly investigates the positive impact of in particular patents, but al...