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Economic Benefits of Standardization

2000 | DIN German Institute for Standardization

In recent years, technical standardization has been the subject of numerous academicresearch projects. Although these projects did not ignore economic aspects,they lacked the theoretical background necessary for a detailed analysis. Industryhas become increasingly interested in assessing its econ...

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Standards and the Economy

2006 | Centre for International Economics

This report provides an analysis, and where possible quantification, of the impact of standards on the Australian economy.


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The Economic Contribution of Standards to the UK Economy

2015 | Centre for Economics and Business Research Limited

This report provides a comprehensive examination of how standards – in their important role as diffusers of technology and promoters of efficiency in businesses – have impacted UK economic growth. The report and underlying study were commissioned by the British Standards Institution (...

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The influence of standards on the Nordic economies

2018 | Menon Economics

This study gives a broad perspective on the impact of standardization in the Nordic Economies (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. It finds, via a macroeconomic study, that standardization has contributed to increased labor productivity and GDP growth in all of the Nordic countries. It als...